The Gorjup Law Firm was founded in 1991 by Ivan Gorjup. In 2013, it was taken over by the lawyer Vesna Gorjup Zupančič, who today works with three other lawyers, Franci Košar, Jure Ivančič and Tarek Naji.

Lawyer Jure Blažič and lawyer Nikita Zatler, trainee lawyer Pika Semenič and junior lawyers Mihaela tel:022344780Miklavčič and Eva Žagar also work in the law firm.

Our mission is the commitment to excellence, first-class legal advice and representation of a broad range of clients with diverse profiles. We are dedicated, innovative and determined. We focus on tackling our clients’ legal problems and helping them overcome challenges while pursuing their short- and long-term goals.

Our vision is to become a globally recognised and relevant partner in the market, to build a successful and positive business network, and to maintain and develop our relationships and client relationships – all as a law firm that remains flexible and agile.