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    We need a reliable partner who is ready to provide us with the best legal expertise we need. The Gorjup Law Firm advises us in a wide range of business-related areas, and that is what makes them the best and sets them apart from others. Our business cooperation started ten years ago and over the years we have become not only good business partners but also friends.

    Tatjana Novak, Director and Partner, Press Clipping

    Irwin Mitchell LLP is a longstanding member of the Avrio Advocati international law network alongside Odvetniška Pisarna Gorjup and is pleased to be associated with one of Slovenia’s premier law firms.  In addition to working on joint projects over the years, Irwin Mitchell’s representative on the board of Avrio Advocati, Bryan Bletso, works with Vesna Gorjup, senior partner at Odvetniška Pisarna Gorjup who is also a member of the Avrio board, and with the other directors work closely to develop and extend the network on behalf of all members.

    Irwin Mitchell LLP


    Avrio Advocati is an association of law firms with a strong base in Europe and members in North and South America, Australia and the Far East. The aim of the association is to share expertise, promote legal cooperation and refer clients’ matters to trusted international colleagues.

    The International Network of Lawyers AEA is an association of law firms whose main objective is to cover all countries and capitals in each country in order to mediate clients’ cases. The AEA has 505 offices in 123 countries with a total of about 6000 lawyers.

    ARAG is a global insurance agency founded in Germany in 1935 and one of the three largest legal protection insurers in the world. ARAG has been represented in Slovenia since 2004 and has an extensive network of excellent contact lawyers, including our law firm. is an online platform for contacting and exchanging information with law firms in other countries, which also offers digital legal advice.

    At Gorjup Law Firm, we recognise that our decisions and actions have an impact on the community in which we live and work. Therefore, we work with our business partners, the community, our employees and the environment to develop and participate in a wide range of corporate social responsibility programmes. The success of our law firm is based on interdependence and the pursuit of integrated and balanced business and operations.